Creative Illustrator

High-quality vector image of a black cat


Everyone needs an escape. One of mine is to try to do creative work with photo and image editing software such as that created by Adobe. In the “left-brain/right-brain” paradigm I have always been left-brain dominant, which means that I was left out when artistic creativity was passed out.

The technology has helped, and I can create things that I would never have done 20 or 30 years ago. But because I still cannot draw a stick figure I need some guidance to produce a non-photo image.

Kitty Cat

I created this cat for my cat-loving friend Hannah Mae using Adobe Illustrator. It is vector image software that works with mathematical lines (vectors). I can barely remember trigonometry, but this vector stuff has to do with X and Y points, angles, sines, cosines, and that stuff that some of us vaguely remember from high school. A vector image has the advantage of being re-sizable without the image becoming blurry when the size is increased.

The opposite of a vector image is a bitmap or raster image. Digital photos are in this category. Bitmap images are made up of many thousands or pixels, which are like dots crossing the screen horizontally and vertically. Each pixel has a color associated with it, which is what gives the image its color and shading. Bitmap images do not resize well. If a 4 X 6 image is doubled in size the pixels are stretched which leaves the photo with less sharpness or a blurry appearance.

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