We Are Losing It

Image of man wearing handcuffs seen from behind

This article is about freedom. We are losing it, not only in America but also in other “advanced” countries where people have enjoyed a decent standard of living for many years.

Yes, the image is exaggerated. The losing freedom I refer to here is not being taken away in handcuffs. Rather it refers to having our rights and ability to reach our goals reduced or even taken away completely.

So What IS Freedom Anyway?

Over the past few years I have discussed this subject with a number of people. The common response I get is, “I don’t feel any less free than I did 20 years ago.” In a strict sense those words are true. But they come from a person who does not understand the true meaning of freedom. This person will not feel that their freedom is slipping away as long as they can get into their car and drive anywhere they choose. (I suggest that even that freedom will soon be lost, but that’s a subject for another article).

America’s Founding Fathers understood freedom very well, and created a government and Constitution designed to protect the freedom of citizens. Freedom is having the ability to pursue dreams and goals in life with as little interference as possible from government or other authority. Government is the antithesis (opposite) of freedom. After all, what does government do? It makes laws and rules that restrict freedom. I sometimes ask others when was the last time that government did something to increase personal freedom. The answer is–crickets.

I am not suggesting that some laws and government aren’t needed in society. A major intent of how the Constitution was written was to limit the power of the federal government. But the Constitution did establish a government nevertheless. What we see now, however, is an onslaught of more and more regulations and laws that limit a person’s ability to even use their property as they wish. There is a man in prison in Oregon now because he refused to obey an ordanance that forbids collecting rain water in a barrel on his own property.

Most of these over-the-line regulations are put in place as ways to do ‘noble’ things like protect the environment or prevent some possible tragedy. Again, some are necessary. But many are not and they have a negative impact on business and the economy. For this reason I believe that it necessary to look closer at the effect that laws and regulations will have on society as a whole.

John McAfee founded a well-known anti-virus software company in 1987. Success came quickly. Several years ago he was asked if, with all the recent increases in regulations, taxes, fees and red tape required to start a business, it would be possible to repeat what he had done 20+ years ago. His answer was a resounding “No.” These examples should concern us. Do we need laws that prohibit us from collecting rain water to irrigate our plants during the dry season, or make it nearly impossible for anyone but the wealthy to start a business? This is what it means to lose freedom.

Who Is Running the Show?

Because the perception of reality is severely manipulated by the media, most people never learn the truth about who is really running their country, their state, or in some cases even their local government. It is not those that we elect to represent us in the “democratic” process, but ultra-rich people and groups who pay elected officials to advance their wishes. Many people just call this “corruption” (which it is), but then continue to believe that everything is okay in their world. At the highest levels this control can have dire consequences for even the food we eat and the water we drink.

Coming around to believing that such evil could possibly exist was the biggest hurdle for me to jump as I learned more about the truths about our world. Over time I found information that helped to explain much of it, including that many of the people in highest places, revered by many people for their royalty or high degree of “success,” are actually mentally ill and even psychopaths. This article, which appeared recently on former congressman Ron Paul’s website, shares some information that supports the “outrageous” statement I just made.

My main hope is that this article helps to bring about better understanding about the real meaning of the word freedom. Comments and any discussion is welcome.

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