Once again welcome to the Solutions Randy site. In this first paragraph let me confess that this site is not about solutions, nor is it about any sort of assistance with techie problems. It is a personal sharing site. The solutionsrandy.net domain name is one that I have ‘owned’ for several years and I feel an attachment to it. I originally secured it at a time when I was on a crusade to inform anyone who would listen about news that is never shared in the regular media and try to ‘solve’ some of the problems by means of common action. My hopes that such common action will ever happen have faded, a subject that is discussed often here.

In recent years I have often tried to manage two (sometimes more) separate websites related to two very different areas of interest: technology and social-political topics. Frankly managing two sites is too much work and expense, even for a retired person like me. The idea of having one website that encompassed two very different subject areas came from Dave Cullen, I guy I ‘met’ on YouTube. His Computing Forever site, as the name suggests, was initially a tech-related site. But Dave found himself more and more wanting to share his feelings and ideas about world events, and one day announced that his site would cover both areas. I soon found myself thinking, “Hey, I could do that too.”

So What’s Here?

Following Dave Cullen’s idea, the Solutions Randy site will focus primarily on two very different subject areas that are important to me. Posts on the LATEST page will be divided into only two corresponding categories:

Graphic image that represents a computer nerdTech Stuff. I bought my first computer in 1984 and since that time have been (as some would say) addicted to binary technology. Only as a hobby, however. I never pursued any formal training and much less a career. What I know I learned from books and in more recent years watching videos on YouTube. It’s the ‘roll up your sleeves and do it’ approach I might say.

Woman with books in hand, looking skyward

Social-Political. Since I studied sociology in college it has been an interest for me. Again no formal study since that time now almost 40 years ago. In more recent years I have become more engaged in “politics,” and since retiring I have spent lots of time reading and studying subjects that interest me. More detail about this can be found on the Disclaimer page.

My hope is that limiting post categories in this way will make it easier for readers to find what interests them. Tags can be used to be more precisely identify post topics within each category. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, and can be shared on the Contact page.


After spending most of my life in California I retired in 2012 and moved to western Mexico. This was part of a plan that evolved over the previous 20 years. I devoted a total of 33 years to serving individuals with special needs and their families. Now I enjoy having the time to pursue my hobbies such as reading, studying history, economics, and political systems, computer programming, image/graphic design, and web development. Certainly these are not the type of things that most people look forward to doing during their retirement. But variety is what makes the world go around, am I right

randy_shasta_ovalI consider myself an average guy, not a super intellectual or someone who pretends to know everything. I believe that experience is life’s best teacher, especially when we stop to take notes along the way.

Always I have tried to work for fairness and justice throughout my life. As most people know, this is often not easy. Unfortunately what I have learned over the past few years has shown me just how steep that hill is. Like most people that have accompanied me throughout my life, I held the Judeo-Christian belief that most people are good. And while I still believe that the majority of people are good, I have discovered that some, in particular some in positions of authority, have a pact with the devil and are evil beyond anything I ever imagined earlier in my life.


The submarines that appear in this site do not reflect the site’s content in any important way. I feel an attachment to the submarine service because I served on a nuclear submarine for three years in the early 1970’s. There are no sea stores to be found here.

Submarine in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with agua-colored water and beautiful backdrop of mountains.
A nuclear fast attack boat in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which served as our home port also during my service time.

Websites, Blogs and Me

Almost since I first learned what a blog was I have loved the idea of having a place to write and share my thoughts and ideas with others who may be brave enough to read them. I enjoy writing, and am fortunate to have the typing skills to help make it easier. I did a lot of typing/word processing in my work years, starting with the days when I was ship’s yeoman in the submarine service. From there it was college, followed by 33 years of social work and seemingly endless demands to produce the correspondence and  reports required by the huge bureaucracy.

Back and Forth. Over the past five years or so I have been like a pendulum–swing back and forth between a basic simple blogging site and others with more ‘bells and whistles.’. Like many people, I like the ‘bells and whistles’ of modern sites, and gravity pulls me towards wanting similar cool features included in my own site. I have created a couple of nice sites with the fancy ‘news magazine’ styles that are common in the cyber world. But eventually I realize that I spend more time configuring and adjusting the website itself than I do actually writing and creating content for it.

wordpress_logoThere have been times that I wanted to offer a multilingual site, where my Spanish-speaking family and friends could just open a page or post and there it is–in Spanish. But although the technology is advancing, there is no magic available to make this happen. This means that for me it is twice the work. So at least for the time being my Spanish-speaking friends and family who don’t understand English well can just rely on Google Translator to at least get the general meaning.

More About the Content

Some posts in the Social-Political category reflect my belief that America and other Western countries are like a train speeding towards a cliff. While there was a time that I believed (at least hoped) that the train could be stopped or at least slowed down, I no longer believe this is possible. The political systems are simply too corrupted. I continue to share information, but with a “take it or leave it” attitude.

I realize that some of the things I write may even seem inhumane, unpatriotic, and whatever else to some people. It is not my intent to offend anyone. But I am a realist and someone who tends to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when some things that I foresaw don’t come to be. I have always preferred to take that approach rather than the opposite. Anyone who is interested in knowing WHY I believe what I do and HOW I arrived at my conclusions will find more information on the Disclaimer page.