Starting on the Home page I have stated that Solutions Randy is a personal site–about sharing things about me and my life. Because computer technology has interested me for at least half of my years and been an important hobby/activity for me I share a lot about what I believe and have done as a tech junkie over the years.

There is also the ‘social-political’ part. Sociology was one two primary areas of study for me in college. Simply stated, sociology is like the psychology of the society or culture. It is still interesting to me, even now 40 years after I finished college. I don’t think it is possible to follow or study sociology without becoming involved in ‘politics’ as we know it.

Especially over the past 10 years I have devoted more time to studying and learning about subjects like economics and how the world ‘works’ at the international level. I am an unusual character, one who actually enjoys this kind of activity. I was not paid to spend a massive number of hours in this pursuit, nor was it something that I was required to do as part of my job/work. For me it has been like an adventure.

Unfortunately this ‘adventure’ has led me to discover and learn some things about which it may have been better to remain ignorant. I can’t even begin to summarize what I mean by this. Yet as I think about the “big picture” it seems like the worst part was having my normally rosy image of humanity shattered. I have traveled down a road from believing that the ‘world’ and its leaders were mostly good and had good intentions for the most part. I now believe the opposite. I had to accept that a large portion of those who are in control of our lives are evil. No other word fits.

Because of this ‘discovery,’ this site touches some subjects that are controversial and maybe sensitive for some people regardless of on which side of the political “fence” they may sit. It is not my intent to upset people, but rather to share my personal beliefs that America and other countries in the Western world have strayed away from the values and principles that made them great in the past.


Often people who consider themselves to be “conservatives” challenge  whether  I should be considered a patriot or a “good American.” I include this because in many cases things that I say go against the actions of the U. S. government, and specifically against the mission of the U. S. military overseas. Many people have accused me of being unpatriotic because of my beliefs. They feel that it is not possible for a person to love his or her country if they don’t also agree with the government and its policies. The subject of the “military mission” is one of the most delicate because many people associate it directly with supporting the troops.

I challenge the idea that a person must support a government to be considered a good citizen. ‘Country’ and ‘government’ are separate things. I consider myself to be MORE patriotic than the average person in America today. What I attempt to share on this website are ideas to make America great again.


Despite the fact that I have spent thousands of hours learning about America, its history, and the world around us, I don’t consider myself to be different or better than anyone else. Learning (or not learning) is a choice. I do not claim to be an expert on the subjects exposed in this site. In articles on the site I give my perspective on a subject and try to provide links that readers can easily follow to find additional information. I continue to learn.

My Own Conclusions

From my research and study I have massaged information and tied pieces together in a way that makes sense to me. That is the biggest part of what I am sharing on this site. There is no magic. It is easy to believe or hope that ‘they,’ i.e., the government or maybe some supernatural power, will do something to save us from a terrible destiny. That won’t happen. Those we elect to represent our interests are bought and paid for by the very people who are pushing our country towards the edge of the cliff. Thus I believe that if it is to be done, WE must do it.

To site visitors my pledge is to be available to help and support in any way I can. I am always willing to help find information and resources needed to help in our common fight. Anyone who would like assistance in locating information that they are curious about need only let me know by using the form on the CONTACT page.

Randy Sandberg
June 2016